Wednesday: 4/1/15
Have you completely finished and submitted all of your Works Cited and Notes pages?
Is your product/presentation turned in or posted? (YES or NO. If not, why not AND what do you need to do?)
What was the most challenging part of this research project?
staying organized
What was your most enjoyable/interesting part of this research project?
Did you manage your time well for this project? Explain.
sort of
Do you feel you exceeded, met or fell below the objectives for this project?
i think i did not meet the objectives

Albert einstein animoto

April 1, 2015
Albert einstein jepordy
April 1, 2015

My Portfolio

Friday: 3/20/15
Total number of sources: 6
Types of sources:



Presentation Option: <Insert type here.>

Friday: 3/13/15

How many note-cards do you have ?
What are the titles of your note-cards?
theories,accomplishments, life, philosophy, quotes,ideas
One interesting fact I've learned about my subject is:
his role in inventing technology
I still need to find out:
Freya's day 3/6/15

Friday: 3/6/15
Three tasks I accomplished this week are:
1.made an easy bib project
2.posted on the wiki
3.started researching
I need to do this on Tuesday: 3/10/15
1.research more
2.even more research

thor's day 3/5/15

tik Albert Einstien w2l

german scientist his brains structure

created many scientific theory s more about his life

amazingly inteligent

Friday: 2/27/15
Wacky Research #1
List three people that you'd like to learn more about:
1.albert einstien
2.jrr tolkein
3.ghengis khan
Reflection: What prompted you to choose these three people?
My Map of Jerusalem
i have learned alot about jerusalem while making this map and i now feel more confident talking about jerusalem. i am glad that we did this project and i hope that there are more like it.
Characteristics of Civilization

Reflection: What did you learn from this activity.
I learned about the eight characteristics of civilization and more about sumer.