Are you interested in challenging yourself? Here's how:

Intro to Archaeology

Intro to Archaeology: Nicholas Toth explains the tools, methods, and focus of an archaeologist.

  1. Watch the Intro to Archaeology video series and take the final quiz.

Cave art discoveries in Indonesia
  1. Create an art project demonstrating the type of cave art found in Indonesia

Neolithic Cartooning
  1. Create your own cartoon using Neolithic Nel and Neolithic Ned as your cartoon characters.

Lascaux Cave Challenge

Directions: Please check out a laptop with me. Click on the Lascaux Cave link. You will find the Lascaux cave site and be able to take a virtual tour of the Lascaux Caves found in France. After “hanging out” in the caves, print out the document below and answer these questions in complete sentences when required. The Lascaux Caves Virtual Tour site: