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Wednesday: 4/1/15
Have you completely finished and submitted all of your Works Cited and Notes pages?
Yes, I have.
Is your product/presentation turned in or posted? (YES or NO. If not, why not AND what do you need to do?)
Yes, I have turned it in to Mrs. Babich.
What was the most challenging part of this research project?
Doing all of my research.
What was your most enjoyable/interesting part of this research project?
Writing my diary/journal.
Did you manage your time well for this project? Explain.
I did. I worked well with my partner,and my project worked out very nice.
Do you feel you exceeded, met or fell below the objectives for this project?
I feel like my partner and I exceeded the objectives.

Friday: 3/20/15
Total number of sources: 3
Types of sources:
1. Website
2. Photo
3. Magazine Article
Presentation Option:Job Interview

Friday: 3/13/15
How many note-cards do you have?
8 note-cards
What are the titles of your note-cards?

Birth Information, Random Information, and Education Info

One interesting fact I've learned about my subject is:

That she was born in Egypt, and raised by English men.

I still need to find out:

What schools she went to, when she was younger.

Friday: 3/6/15
Three tasks I accomplished this week are:
1. I picked my person.
2. I got my paper signed.
3. I finished my TKI and W2L chart.
I need to do this on Tuesday: 3/10/15
1. Research with my partner.
2. Do more with this project.

Friday: 3/6/15
TIKW2L Chart

Friday: 2/27/15
Wacky Research #1
List three people that you'd like to learn more about:
1.Annie Besant
2. Florence Nightingale
3. Malala Yousafzai

Reflection: What prompted you to choose these three people?
All of these women made a change in women's rights. All of these women did amazing things in their lifetime.

Current Events Activity:
1. What methods does Abu Sarah use that allow him to talk to people on both sides of the issue? He tries his best to here both sides of the story. He wants to make everyone feel equal.
2. Describe the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians as described in the video.
The Israelis took over most of the land. The Palestinians only got small portions of the land.
3. What are you learning today?
we are learning about how each sides react to the conflict.
4. Why is it important?
It's important because it shows whats going on in the world today.


Characteristics of Civilization

Reflection: I learned how to use inspiration8.

My Map of Jerusalem
Reflection: I learned how to use Google maps. Google maps was very easy to use. It was a cool experience. If we ever had to use Google Maps again I could definitely use it. Google maps was very fun.