My Portfolio

Wednesday: 4/1/15
Have you completely finished and submitted all of your Works Cited and Notes pages?
<Yes I have.>
Is your product/presentation turned in or posted? (YES or NO. If not, why not AND what do you need to do?)
<No it is not, I was absent for a while.>
What was the most challenging part of this research project?
What was your most enjoyable/interesting part of this research project?
Did you manage your time well for this project? Explain.
<I did manage it well, but was absent some days and could not do it.>
Do you feel you exceeded, met or fell below the objectives for this project?
<For me i feel like I met the objectives.>

Friday: 3/20/15
Total number of sources:
I got 3 sources
Types of sources:
3.comic strip
Presentation Option: <GoAnimate.>

Friday: 3/13/15
How many note-cards do you have?
I have made 6 note-cards.
What are the titles of your note-cards?
Parents, What the parents did, when he was born, education, why is he important and his creations.
One interesting fact I've learned about my subject
He was good at math
I still need to find out:
His back story and many other things about his history.

Friday: 3/6/15
Three tasks I accomplished this week are:
1.Chose my person
2.Created new Easybib project
3.Created TIK & W2L chart
I need to do this on Tuesday: 3/10/15
2.Try and complete project

Friday: 3/6/15
TIK/W2L Chart

Friday: 2/27/15
Wacky Research #1
List three people that you'd like to learn more about:
1. Absent

Current Events Activity:
1. What methods does Abu Sarah use that allow him to talk to people on both sides of the issue?
<He goes over to them and asks questions in a calm, understanding way.>
2. Describe the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians as described in the video.
<They are having this war because they want land.>
3. What are you learning today?
<We are learning about how terrible the fighting is and how it affects the people.>
4. Why is it important?
<It is important because it is a tragic event that is injuring/killing people. It has got to stop happening .>

My Map of Jerusalem
Reflection: I learned how to really use Google maps.

Characteristics of Civilization

Reflection: I learned how to do a wed on the COMPUTER. I only do things like this on a piece of paper.