Wednesday: 4/1/15
Have you completely finished and submitted all of your Works Cited and Notes pages?
yes, I have
Is your product/presentation turned in or posted? (YES or NO. If not, why not AND what do you need to do?)
no because i need to edit the green screen on my video
What was the most challenging part of this research project?
I think one of the most challenging parts of this project was remembering my script.
What was your most enjoyable/interesting part of this research project?
I liked doing the video it was kinda fun doing like breaking news.
Did you manage your time well for this project? Explain.
yes I think i did because i was always working or planning out what i needed to do.
Do you feel you exceeded, met or fell below the objectives for this project?
yes I think i meet the objectives

Friday: 3/20/15
Total number of sources:I have a total of 7 sites sorted.
Types of sources: article film
Presentation Option: pres conference

Friday: 3/13/15
How many note-cards do you have?
i have 5 note cards done.
What are the titles of your note-cards?
The title of my note cards are birthplace/ birth date, education history, and how did he get recognized for his music.
One interesting fact I've learned about my subject is:
i have learned that john Lennon was born in thee middle of a bombing.
I still need to find out:
i still need to find out what how he acted.

Friday: 3/6/15
Three tasks I accomplished this week are:
1. create think and wonder chart
2. pick people to do project on
3.get calendar for work days
I need to do this on Tuesday: 3/10/15
1.turn in signed paper
2. research john Lennon

Friday: 3/6/15
TIKW2L Chart

Friday: 2/27/15
Wacky Research #1
List three people that you'd like to learn more about:
1. Albert Einstein
2. Leonardo da Vinchi
3. John Lennon
Reflection: What prompted you to choose these three people?
i picked these people because i like to learn why they did the things that they did.

Current Events Activity:
1. What methods does Abu Sarah use that allow him to talk to people on both sides of the issue?
Abu Sarah uses a method to try to see what both sides are doing and how they are trying to help.
2. Describe the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians as described in the video.
in the video thy where in a fight over the Jewish diaspora. the Jewish diaspora is when the Jews where forced to leave there homeland and scatter. the Jews once lived but then the Jewish diaspora happened they where forced to leave, while they where gone the Palestinians took it over. this is why they where i the fight over the land.
3. What are you learning today?
Today we are learning why this is a issue and why they are against each other. Although today we r also trying to stop this fight.
4. Why is it important?
is it important so we can help. when the next generation grows older we don't want them ti still be fighting.

Chapter 11 Essay

Characteristics of Civilization

Reflection: I think this project helps you learn what the characteristics of civilizations are.

My Map of Jerusalem
Reflection:From creating a map of Jerusalem I learned that there are 4 differnt diverse quarters with many people and attractions.