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Wednesday: 4/1/15
Have you completely finished and submitted all of your Works Cited and Notes pages?
Is your product/presentation turned in or posted? (YES or NO. If not, why not AND what do you need to do?)
What was the most challenging part of this research project?
Making sure the facts that were used were accurate and making citations.
What was your most enjoyable/interesting part of this research project?
Designing the base for my project.
Did you manage your time well for this project? Explain.
Yes, because my partner and I worked on the project at home and met at
the library over the weekend.
Do you feel you exceeded, met or fell below the objectives for this project?
I feel we are between meeting and exceeding the objectives.

Wacky Research Project:

Friday: 3/20/15
Total number of sources:6 sources
Types of sources:
1. Website
2. Video
3. Book
4. Photograph
Presentation Option: Tech Option - Website

Friday: 3/13/15
How many note-cards do you have?
7 note-cards
What are the titles of your note-cards?
Background info, History/Accomplishments
One fact I've learned about my subject is:
That Marie Curie discover the elements radium
and polonium and won two Noble prizes.
I still need to find out:
Her back story and other background info.

Friday: 3/6/15
TIK/W2L Chart

Friday: 3/6/15
Three tasks I accomplished this week are:
1. Deciding which person was going to be my topic.
2. Successfully creating and posting my TIK/W2L.
3. Completing the outline template on my wiki page.
I need to do this on Tuesday: 3/10/15

Friday: 2/27/15
Wacky Research #1
List three people that you'd like to learn more about:
1. Marie Curie
2. Leonardo Da Vinci
3. Cleopatra
Reflection: Because I've heard about these three people before and I wanted to learn
more because they seemed interesting.

Current Events Activity:
1. What methods does Abu Sarah use that allow him to talk to people on both sides of the issue?
Abu Sarah acts very calm and tries to appeal to the problem at hand. He doesn't get to be at the point where
he just agrees with everyone and takes sides. He makes sure each side gets equal amounts of his respect.
2. Describe the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians as described in the video.
The Palestinians are attacking the Israelis because they believe that the Israelis are settled on land that belongs
to the Palestinians and as a result to this, the Israelis have to live in fear every day.
3. What are you learning today?
I am learning about the growing tension between the Palestinians and the Israelis and their feud over land from
a reporter named Abu Sarah.
4. Why is it important?
It's important because we need to understand why this is happening and what is an effect of it. We could also
understand it and try to discuss and figure out way way to make the tiniest difference.

My Map of Jerusalem
Reflection: What I learned from this is how to access Google Maps and to create a map of my own.
I also learned a little about Jerusalem and its four quarters.

Characteristics of Civilization

Reflection: I learned about the characteristics of civilization and a little bit more about using Inspiration.